Why do we sometimes post “Graphic Images”
Published - 4 November 2020 Author - christianarmy

Why do we sometimes post “Graphic Images”

WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO: Azerbaijan soldiers are cutting off the genitals and ears of Armenian POWs and keeping them as trophies. After torturing this Armenian POW to death, Azeris continue to desecrate his corpse while laughing.

Azerbaijani soldier cutting Armenian ear off



Why did we post this extremely graphic video?

Today, we had a message on our Twitter account asking us to stop sending Graphic Images of the War Crimes being committed against Christians in Artsakh. A twitter user wrote to us: "Why on earth do you post this? Do u even realize how mentally traumatizing is this? Azeris are sick and bastard tribes, we got that. It’s enough. Diplomacy and Human Rights Defenders should step up. We must focus all our efforts to sanction Turkey and see Erdogan in jail."

Here is our reply:

Sheltered armchair activists are why the masses rarely rise in revolution to overthrow their oppressors. Their social media engagement-focused activism  rarely breaks out their social media echo chambers and bubbles, and can this best be summed up as Hashtag Activism. 

Hashtag activists believe that by writing letters "to whom it may concern" and tweeting at celebrities will solve all the world's problems. While we 100% support all the social media activists who are raising awareness about what's going on in Artsakh, and we know that they are efficient, necessary Cyber Snipers who are tirelessly destroying Turkey and Azerbaijan's lies and propaganda, we know realistically that all that cyber activism will in no way solve the Problem at hand. 

So why will Cyber Activism not solve much? 

1- For one, most hashtag activists are fixated on this idea that they can  somehow get NATO to drop Turkey as a member state. That's simply impossible! Turkey is NATO's largest military in terms of troop numbers, and because of Turkey's strategic position between Europe and Middle East and the Caucus, it is unrealistic to expect Turkey to be sanctioned. No hashtag in the world will ever get NATO to drop it's second most important member! Turkey is here to stay as a NATO member.

2- Hashtag activists also seem convinced that by pleading with leading NGOs, Turkey and Azerbaijan's Crimes Against Humanity in Artsakh can be brought to light. For crying out loud, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty'  International, supposedly "humanitarian NGOs", are tweeting out Azerbaijan and Turkey's propaganda as facts. And not just subtle propaganda, but even the ridiculous trademark Azeri fabrications like using photos from Artsakh civilian areas that were bombed by Azerbaijan, and then claiming those are areas in Azerbaijan bombed by Armenia!

3- Time is of the essence and the Armenian Christians being butchered by bloodthirsty Turks and Azeris have no time to wait until somehow Turkey is sanctioned, or even more fantastical, Erdogan is jailed.

4- Azerbaijan prepared for years for this war not just on the battlefield but most importantly, in the media. Azerbaijan is engaging in nonstop gas lighting and historical revisionism to cover up its barbarism and paint Armenia as the one committing atrocities. They are using all means at their disposal and they have all the time, money and support in the world to carry out a non-stop campaign of gaslighting the entire world.

5- If the barbarism of Turkey and Azerbaijan is not shown to the world right now as it is happening, the barbarians will succeed in their historical revisionism and no one will ever believe anyone who makes contrary claims. How many people even ever speak of Western Armenia anymore? 

6- Someone other than Turkish and Azeri war criminals has to be a witness for the Armenian Christians being tortured and killed. We owe it the victims.

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